Friday, December 2, 2016

Juneau, We Must Never Normalize This Fucking Shit Ass Weather

Juneau, in these trying, uncertain, and difficult times, I come to you as one of your own to implore you to please never normalize this fucking shit ass weather we are having right now. 

Yes, we live in one of the largest temperate rain forests on earth, so some rain is to be expected--inevitable, even. Yes, it is November December. And yes, it is supposed to get extremely cold and snow next week. At least according to my iPhone. 

But we all risk our democracy, our community, and indeed our collective sanity itself once we begin to normalize this fucking shit ass weather that is happening outside our windows at this very moment.

Dafuq, Juneau?! Seriously. 

We cannot--and indeed must not--sit passively inside and allow day after day of cold, pelting, sideways, vicious wind and rain to permanently undermine and weaken the cherished structural norms of just being able to leave our fucking houses for ten goddamn minutes without zipping ourselves up from head to toe in orange rubber.

It's not normal. Okay, it's a little bit normal, but that doesn't make it not horrible. At best, it's hormal, or perhaps norrible, both of which are combinations of horrible and normal.

One thing that's getting almost no play at all in any of this is the sun. No one's talking about it. It's like the sun doesn't even exist anymore. That needs to change. The sun is a life-giving star and literally the center of our solar system. Without it, we'd be really cold and pale. And also dead, eventually.

Normalization of fucking shit ass weather happens when our attention is turned to other things--pettier and more selfish concerns--like if and/or when anything we own will every dry out ever again. 

This is not normal, not at all. Or again, at best it is hormal. Or norrible. So be vigilant, Juneau, and stay outraged.

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