Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Fully Diversified Sourced List of 10 Things That are NOT NORMAL SinceTrump's Election

Lest we forget (or need reminding) here is a short list of shit that's happened since Trump was elected President of the United States that is, simply, NOT NORMAL. All of this is REAL NEWS from a variety of credible REAL NEWS sources.

2. Trump cyber-bullies citizens until they receive death threats. (Fortune)

3. Trump installs a pernicious white supremacist in a top policy position (Washington Post)

4. Trump is assembling a militarized cabinet, typical of authoritarian regimes. (Time)

5. Trump's inaugural committee bans women from protesting his inauguration (Salon) (Slate has the opposite take on this).

6. An inauguration which he intends to drop into by helicopter (NY Post)

7. Trump is poised to turn the U.S. government into his own personal kleptocracy by violating the emoluments clause of the constitution with massive conflicts of interest. (Wall Street Journal).

8. And letting his children come along for the ride, also typical of authoritarians who prize loyalty and personal profit above all else. (NBC, the outlet that created Trump).

9. Trump is poised to appoint the CEO of Exxon, who has no government or diplomacy experience but plenty of close ties to Russia, as Secretary of State, the most important position in the cabinet. (NY Times)

10. Can boast a 65% increase in hate crimes in Michigan since he was elected. (Independent U.K.)

And that's not even counting the shit he said (lock her up, build the wall, etc.) to get elected. These aren't editorials, just simple reporting. Is any of it perfect? No. But is it "lies?" Or "fake news?" Also no. 

When you pluck an asshole real estate charlatan off the street and ask him to run the most complex democracy on earth, this is what happens. And he's not even in office yet.

But oh wait, all of these news sources must be lying--or as the Nazis called it, the "lugenpresse."

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