Sunday, November 27, 2016

Caption This!

Choose the most accurate caption for this photo:

1. Juneau stoners rejoice!


3. Whoa? Who knew Juneau loved the trees for your mind this much?

4. A bread line in a communist country in Eastern Europe somewhere?

5. Brand new Juneau clusterfuck to rival the Ski Swap and Empty Bowls.

6. By the time he reached the front, the last guy in line forgot why he was there.

7. Getting irie in the liquid sunshine.

8. The bongs and dongs store across the street is gonna kill on overflow biz.

9. Alaska strikes green gold! State's economic woes now up in smoke.

10. Whatever legislator it was that said "you just can't smoke that much pot" has never actually been to Juneau.

1 comment:

  1. Caption: Pot store opens to a few curious lookers seeking novelty.


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