Saturday, October 22, 2016

Shocking: The N.F.L. Gives Zero Fucks About Domestic/Any Violence

This probably comes as a YOOGE shock to everyone who has ever watched a pro football game. I know it did to me: The N.F.L. gives approximately zero fucks about domestic violence, you guys. 

After trying in vain to improve its "we heart the ladies" image with a bullshit pink-washed breast cancer awareness campaign that gives not one actual penny to breast cancer research, the N.F.L. has shown its true (non-pink?) colors yet again. 


By refusing to meaningfully penalize Josh Brown, the Giants kicker who was arrested for assaulting his wife for the 25th time. I mean, he was arrested on the 25th time. He actually assaulted her 24 times before that, including once while she was pregnant.

You might think that the Giants would like, kick him off the team or something for that, but you'd be wrong, because they suspended him for one game. UNO. And while the team is re-opening the investigation, and has a new policy that supposedly calls for stiffer penalties for players who commit domestic violence, the fact of the matter is that this dude is still on the Giants gazillion dollar payroll and the N.F.L. gives zero fucks.

In my opinion that's a bad thing, but is it surprising? No.

Professional football players make millions of dollars a year to beat the living shit out of each other. They suffer repeated concussions that damage their brains and make them depressed, suicidal, and demented; a problem, b-t-dubs, that Congress found the N.F.L. was trying to hide and minimize by interfering with research and manipulating data. 

Male violence and its collateral damage is the stock-in-trade of professional football, and it's as American as apple pie. Is it fun to watch? Sure. It's incredibly fun to watch, or it wouldn't be so lucrative. But let's not pretend that testosterone-fueled physical violence isn't exactly what makes pro football both fun and lucrative.

So we shouldn't be surprised that the N.F.L. doesn't care that its players beat up their girlfriends and wives. The organization pays those same men to beat each other up for a living. It's easier to give Colin Kaepernick a load of shit and expose him to death threats for quietly protesting state-sanctioned murder by kneeling during a song than it is to do the critical self-assessment that would be required to really give a flying fuck about women. 

The fact that the N.F.L. doesn't take domestic violence seriously is completely unsurprising for an organization that is ready to crucify a black man for kneeling, and reward a white abuser with a million dollars, all in a country where a serious contender for the White House is a repeated sexual assailant threatening to sue and shame his accusers back into a silence they were afraid to break in the first place for exactly that reason.

STAND UP MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!! God Bless America!

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