Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mansplainers are Like Gremlins and Here are Their Three Rules

1. Do not use the words "rape culture" on the internets. If you do, the mansplainer will tell you rape culture is a figment of the feminazi imagination and bait you into an argument about vodka, thong underwear, and accountability that will end in, "I hope you get raped."

2. Do not expose the mansplainer to pictures of Hillary Clinton, especially if he is/was a Bernie-or-Buster: If you show a mansplainer a photo of Hillary Clinton, he will instantly turn it into a meme that makes reference to Hillary's shrill voice, dishonesty, and obviously failing health.

3. Never EVER call them mansplainers: If you call a mansplainer out for mansplaining, they will mansplain to you why you are wrong and why their distant view of your entire life as a woman is more valid and accurate than your actual lived experience. Then they will mansplain why you are in fact a "reverse sexist" who will ultimately end up (deservedly) getting raped.

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