Tuesday, September 20, 2016

CNN: Constitution Now Optional

Today CNN did what Congress hasn't done for decades: amend the United States Constitution!

And not just ANY amendment either. Nope. CNN just made that whole due process thing a privilege that apparently must be earned, rather than a fundamental precept of our Republic since the 1700s. 

Good for them though. CNN and all its partners in cable news media should be very proud of their journalistic integrity lately, especially the critical role they've played in pimping a megalomaniacal sociopath for ratings.

But who cares, right? 

We're gonna build a wall, turn refugees into Skittles, ban taco trucks, proudly display swastikas on our foreheads, and threaten to kill people who kneel during a song. 

Might as well make the whole Constitution like an "opt-in" sort of a thing. And anyone who criticizes any of it, welp, SEE YOU IN COURT!

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