Thursday, September 8, 2016

Attention Feminists! I Have Some Bad News: This Guy Does Not Want to Be Your Boyfriend

Calling all "feminists": I have some really bad news. This random columnist from a magazine associated with the St. Joseph News-Press and Gazzette in Northwest Missouri named David Hon does not--I repeat, does NOT--want to date you. 

After looking at his banana custard-colored teeth and reading what he has to say, you'll come down with a serious case of the sads knowing that this ginger President-of-the-Young Republicans-Club-turned-gender-studies-scholar will refuse to chow your box no matter how hard you beg.

In a column titled "Why I'll Never Date a Feminist," (which is still online but maybes not for long 'cause the internets is dragging this guy hard), D. Money claims women are "looking for a reason to hate men," and therefore are "going to find it." 

But don't worry. He doesn't "blame" us. He just "disagrees" that a gender wage gap exists (despite government statistics showing that it does); he "disagrees" that "there's a culture of rape on college campuses" (despite having never been raped on a college campus or anywhere else, presumably?); and he "really really disagrees" (two "reallys"!) that "the patriarchy is keeping women oppressed in almost every facet of their lives," an allegation that no one but David Hon has really, really ever actually made.

Hon bemoans "political issues" that are "creeping into the bedroom." A bedroom where--let me remind you again--YOU YOURSELF ARE NOT WELCOME TO CREEP SO DON'T ASK, M'KAY?

It's totally "hateful." Oh, and in case you missed it, the justice system is "failing men" because only 14 percent of custodial parents are fathers, and mothers are more likely to be awarded child support, because . . . um . . . NEWSFLASH: they make less money than men, and child support is linked to income, you porcine mass of mansplaining derp.

Listen, Hon. Go back to high school--or at least therapy--and get over Becky Who Wouldn't Attend the Winter Formal with You. It's not "gender politics" that's "hurting our culture." It's block-headed fuckwits like you who can't get laid and want to take it out on every woman who ever said Bye, Felicia! to their dicks.

Women aren't looking for a reason to hate men. They're looking for a reason to hate you, and now they have it.


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  1. I swear this guy wrote this inane column just to get a massive amount of attention.


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