Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ryan Lochte Was Up to "Tantics" in Brazil

Last week I posted a little limerick on the O.H.M. Facebook page about our pal Ryan Lochte:

There once was a swimmer named Ryan
Whose bullshit nobody was buyin'.
He thought he'd be aight
Just because he is white
But the whole world could see he was lyin'.

I am now watching Ryan Lochte give a SUPER AWKWARD AND PAINFUL interview with Matt Lauer, which feels like watching a dumb AF 15 year-old get disciplined and cross-examined by his dad for drinking and fucking up a gas station. Ryan was CRYING and bemoaning what he called his "immature tantics," which while "overexaggerated," were "expecially" bad given that the whole world was watching while he hemorrhaged sponsorship dollars.


Um . . . M'kay? So I guess that's like a cross between antics and tantric sex or something? Somebody call Sting! Also, I need a new limerick for this:

There once was an athlete called Lochte
Who sounded as dumb as a rochte 
He did bad with the books
But real good with the looks
And with diving off quick from the blochte!


  1. I was thinking maybe a combo of "antics" and "tantrum"? In any case, HAHAHA!


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