Saturday, August 6, 2016

Love Letter to an Alaskan Glacier

Dear Glacier,

I feel like you've been moving away from me and really kind of retreating back into yourself lately. You've always been cold, remote, dark, mysterious, distant, and a little blue--all of which are things I love about you!. But now you're sort of warm in a creepy way somehow, and you're just not acting like yourself. 

Remember all those fun trips we had together? Like long walks and boat trips? I would just sort of look at you and think to myself how amazing you are. I have so many pictures on my phone. I still think you're amazing, of course, but things aren't how they used to be.

Sure you used to fall apart every now and then and everyone loved to watch, but your calving didn't seem as out of control and scary as it does right now. Now I feel like with each passing year, you're just receding further and further, and at a certain point you're going to be so far away that I won't know how to get you back. 

Basically you've been acting predictably unpredictable over the past few years, and I feel like I'm walking on crevasses all the time--like the walls are just going to crumble and cave in around us or something.

Look. Nothing lasts forever and I know you'll always be the type to sort of go with the flow due to gravity and internal deformation of your brittle ice until the pressure creates a plasticisity at the molecular level. 

But hey, I'm not a geologist so I can't pretend to even understand what you're going through right now. Just know I'm here for you and I'm going to do everything I can to reduce my carbon footprint and get you back. I might even stop drinking Diet Dr. Pepper in cans and plastic bottles, and I swear my next car will be a Nisaan Leaf. Yes, I'd do that for you. 

I love you, Glacier. As the New Kids on the Block would say, please don't go girl.



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