Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Do. Not. Read. This. Blog. Son!

If I tried to address every negative comment I get about O.H.M., I'd never have time to write it in the first place. Of course, I get plenty of positive feedback and tons of readers too, which is what keeps me going amidst the shit-storm of bullshit I regularly endure simply for calling it like I see it in the world.

Specifically, I take all sorts of criticism and abuse from every direction, including all the typical "you're a reprehensible cunt" stuff that all women who write online get. (By the way, most people who call me a cunt ironically ALSO love to tell me it's not "classy" or "lady-like" to curse). 

But guess what? I could seriously give minus 100 fucks what those people think. Today I got a comment (from a dude, natch) on my post about the Juneau non-discrimination ordinance that said:
Keep it classy Juneau. I love the ordinance, I hate the language. My kids read this. Hey, maybe don't be crude. If you can't express yourself without vulgarity, then please refrain from posting.
Bwahahahaaha! Wut?

In case there's any confusion here and just so we're clear, O.H.M. is a personal blog. It's my personal blog, and I am its sole author. I'm not a journalist or a public figure. I'm just a woman with some thoughts that I have every right to share and express in whatever language I want to use. No one has to read it, and no one has to like it, but I have the right to post it. This isn't communist Russia (or at least not yet). So please refrain from telling me to please refrain from posting on my blog, because your plea is futile and will go unanswered. 

Rather, please refrain from reading this blog, because here's the thing: I can express myself without vulgarity, as I do every day in my work life and in every social situation that calls for it. But I don't need to do that here, and I don't want to. Here, I can be honest and authentic, which is why, I can only assume, many O.H.M. posts are read and shared widely. In this particular post, I called most elected officials a bag of dicks, because that's what I think most of them are. And I was pointing out how awesome it is that the Juneau Assembly has chosen to buck that bag-of-dicks trend.

This blog isn't for the faint of heart, the prickly, or the easily offended. It's not for prudes, conformists, or religious zealots of any stripe who want to convert me to their belief system, and it's definitely not for kids. So if you have a problem with that, I don't know what to tell you other than please unsubscribe/unfollow, which, FYI, is internet for FUCK OFF!


  1. I don't get it. Hardly anyone ever comments here so either there is a SECRET avenue to torment/love you, or you are merely enjoying a mostly private fantasy. I've long felt that there was something goofy going on here with the comments.

  2. I moderate the comments for spam and the truly offensive ones but you're right. Most people who comment on my blog just do it on Facebook as opposed to here.

  3. Show all the comments so we can condemn those assholes.


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