Thursday, July 7, 2016

Updated List of Capital Crimes in America Subject to Immediate Execution Without Due Process/Any Process in Our "Post-Racial" Society

1. Wearing a hoodie.
2. Buying Skittles.
3. Selling cigarettes.
4. Selling CDs.
5. Playing with toy guns.
6. Legally carrying real guns under the glorious and elevated above all other parts of the constitution Second Amendment.
7. Arguing.
8. Resisting.
9. Broken tail lights.
10. Mental illness.
11. Walking in dimly lit stairwell.
12. Holding a pill bottle.
13. Driving.
14. Running.
15. Lying down.
16. Reaching for anything.
17. Complying with orders.

PLEASE WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA!! If you're not angry and horrified, you're not paying attention.

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