Friday, July 22, 2016

Man Buns of Sweden

Here's a window into my little family of origin.

My parents are on vacation right now with my dad's youngest brother and his wife, my aunt and uncle, who we grew up traveling with along with their two kids, my only first cousins.

Now that my parents are over 70, they're on a mission to see more/as much of the world as possible "before we get too old and decrepit," in my mom's words.

One place they've never been is Scandinavia, and they've been traveling over there for a few weeks. So here they are in Sweden, and what are they doing? The answer is I don't know. 

Surely they must be seeing some Scandinavian sights, like Icelandic volcanoes and Shakespeare's inspiration for Hamlet in Denmark, if only so my dad can say "THERE'S SOMETHING ROTTEN IN THE STATE OF DENMARK!" 

I'm not there to be embarrassed by my dad's Shakespeare humor, nor by what my aunt is doing, which is documenting the man buns of Sweden. 

I'm pretty sure man bun hunting is not listed in Lonely Planet or Fodor's, but my family likes to go off the beaten path when they travel. (Once they came home from Brazil with a collection of beach photos that could have been called "Thongs of Rio de Janeiro.").

My mom's email to me and the ensuing photos tell the rest of the story better than I could. As I say above, in the last pic my aunt is chasing down a man bun-wearer for the best man bun shot possible, like some sort of Swedish man bun paparazzo (paparazza?)

Is it any wonder I'm completely fucked up and crazy?

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