Saturday, July 23, 2016

If Juneau Were Your Semi-Shitty High School Boyfriend

He's like, soooo good looking. That's the thing that makes it impossible to break up with him. He's so fuckin' hot! (Not weather-wise of course). I mean, I can't stop staring at him and taking pics of him. 

Like this one here. I've taken this exact pic and shared it on my Insta like a ZILLION times but seriously. Is he like, a totes dime piece or what?

Oh he can be really cold, remote, and distant at times. Actually, I take that back: he's remote and distant all the time and cold like, half the time. But when he's in a good mood he's like, THE BEST. 

He's always bringing like, all these bouquets of wildflowers and berries? And he's like, ammaaaaazing when it comes to seafood. He could be less messy though. He's often covered with dirt and mud, but he cleans up really nice.

It's those times that make me stay with him, when he's like, on his best behavior, and all like, "Baaabe, forget what I did last week with non-stop sheets of 50 degree rain. I'm sorry. Let's go for a hike or a boat ride in the SUN!" 

It's like a full-on Justin Bieber "Sorry" playlist on repeat shuffle. I want to tell him to fuck off and like, delete him from my phone and all my social media. But then I come back every time, after we go crashing down, like T. Swift.

Fucking Juneau. He's such a dick, but I love him anyway.

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