Monday, July 18, 2016

Easy for You to Say

Here are the best comments on my op-ed in the Alaska Dispatch today. The one discussing my fears about Trump's white supremacist leanings and my disappointment that people I consider friends would support for President a man who openly appeals to neo-Nazis and skinheads, and who has advocated treating women "like shit."

I'm going to assume that none of these people have family members who died in or survived the Holocaust. 

I'll assume none of them have any reason to fear violent factions of our society who are indisputably incited by Donald Trump and thrilled with his willingness to "speak his mind," because they are by gender and/or ethnicity inherently safe and insulated from his rage and the rage of his supporters. 

So they can insult me and write me off as an "oppressed waif" in search of things to feel sad and indignant about.

I have to believe that the folks who wrote these comments are missing my point: which is that in my opinion, anyone who would vote for Trump also, presumably, would happily stand idly by someday while his neo-Nazi supporters clamored, perhaps successfully, for my demise. 

We should all heed the lessons of history. It's Muslims today, it was Jews and Japanese internment camps yesterday, and it will be Jews or someone else again tomorrow, guaranteed. 

I didn't once say who I was voting for, or even if I was voting. I simply said that I'm afraid of a candidate who courts white supremacists and who thinks women should be treated like shit. And I said that I am afraid and saddened by the acquiescence of people I know who are giving their tacit approval to those things by voting to put Trump at the helm of this country. 

They and these commentators might not have to be on guard for fascism, but that's their privilege, and it doesn't belong to everyone. Funny how the folks who don't need to worry about genocide and race wars never seem to understand why anyone else would care or worry about those things. 

Really, all it takes is a little empathy. It's not that hard or complicated. That's my point, and I'm sticking to it. Without further ado, here you go:
  • Libby: Yes, your friends will read this, and talk about it amongst themselves. They will conclude that whomever they decide to vote for is none of your business, and that you’re trying to play on their emotions to compel them to vote for the candidate of your choice. Were you a true friend towards them, whomever they decide to vote for would be irrelevant. True friends are very permissive towards each other, not taking slights over whatever religious beliefs, political leanings, or their being friends with others which you may not be on good terms with. Their political choices are not about you, and if you continue trying to manipulate them, to vote according to your standards, you may become very lonesome. 
  • Libby is a free-lance writer, and the author of the blog “One Hot Mess”. It would be reasonable to infer that she may sometimes write material designed to stir up controversy. A self-promotion tactic. So, the question we must ask … is she really the seemingly oppressed waif as portrayed in her article? Or is she stirring her readership kettle? She is also a lawyer, a vocation widely regarded as below used car salesmen for veracity. Personally, I neither believe nor doubt her self-portrayal in her article. I simply have responded on the face value of it. It gave me opportunity to express some of my views on what true friendship is, or is not. Just like you, I have elbows and opinions. I also find the diverse, often divergent opinions of others to be very educational and informative. I think that ADN’s comment section helps fill out issues, in a way that the staff don’t have the time or resources to do. Keep making me think … It’s good mental exercise. 
  • The Author is as full of crap as a Christmas goose. Has she ever wondered why it is that her so called friends are turning out to be Trump Supporters? BTW: This woman resides in Juneau… most liberal community in Alaska and one of the most liberal in the entire west coast. That being the case, if some of her friends are turning to Trump what does that say about the Democratic Party? 
  • So you are taking personal offence by your friends political choices?? True friendships should be able to transcend political opinions. In addition, your views on Trumps actions and what you are creating out of them are your sensationalized viewpoint. Others do not automatically think he is pandering to the Neo-Nazi groups. Was his statement of “disavowing” them not acute enough for you. I guess my point is that you are looking for things to make you sad or feel attacked when some of your friends might not “feel” or take his actions the same way you do. Let yourself feel marginalized by his comments all you want but being “sad” because your circle does not share your view and sensitivity is you being a little bit sensitive, no? I will cherish my friends and acquaintances regardless of our differing political views. Thinking my friend should have the same feelings as myself and getting offended when they don’t is shallow and self serving.


  1. From The Rude Pundit today:

    The media should treat any Trump voters and on-air supporters like they would a child molester trying to justify why he fucks little boys. We don't get cable news segments with the host saying, "Well, yes, you believe that anally raping pre-adolescents is morally appalling, but let's get some perspective on it from Chester over here. Chester is a long-time pedophile and he thinks butt sex with boys is great. Chester, what do you think?" No, we don't get those segments because fuck Chester and everything he believes. Some things are just in and of themselves wrong. Supporting Trump is one of them. And, yeah, let's be crystal-fuckin'-clear here: that was just a comparison between Trump supporters and child rapists because if he's elected, our kids are fucked.

    That's how ashamed Trump voters should feel. They should be isolated and their opinions, even on valid issues like trade, should be discounted until they give up on Trump. You don't ask a goatfucker what he thinks about tax policy while he's fucking a goat.

    You can say that all this is a rational approach that cannot compete with irrationality. Yes, but we have no obligation to make irrationality seem rational. We can say some shit is just wrong. We're allowed to that. We can set the terms of debate.

  2. Libby, so many of the comments @ADN are about as disheartening as they can be, nearly as bad as what ZeroHedge finds acceptable. I was banned FOREVER from the latter for pointing out how racist, misogynistic and homophobic many of the comments were there. Alaska has become something I never thought possible given what I experienced when I first arrived. I've thought about this a lot lately, and have concluded that the pipeline was the beginning of the end; it ferried many here that don't belong and who will scuttle away when the well runs dry leaving nothing but sorry ill will.

    Keep up the good work, you are a bright spot of intelligence, humor and plain old good thinking.


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