Friday, April 15, 2016

The Alaska Legislature's Dave & Buster's Move, in Limerick

There were once 60 women and men
Elected again and again
Who couldn't do jack
But ignore the feedback
Of the people who cried out "Amen!"

When finally wrongs had been righted
And Capitol Hill was united
On a critical bill
To give Alaska the thrill 
Of a Dave & Buster's out at Dimond.

On the budget they cannot agree
They're hung up on our PFDs
But burgers and frieses
And arcade game prizes 
They greenlit adult Chuck-E-Cheese.

Now few days are left for more bluster
They used all the will they could muster
Forget health care and jobs
When there's Ceasars and Cobbs
To be eaten at Dave's and at Buster's.

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