Thursday, April 21, 2016

Prince: A Eulogy in Alphabet

A is for Artist (as formerly known)
B is for Business (he minded his own)
C is for Corvette, little and red
D is for Doves, who will cry for the dead
E is for Eyes, which he drew before texting
F is for Funk and Fly music for sexing
G is for Guitar, rhythm and blues
H is for Hendrix, a critical muse
I is for Internet, losing its shit
J is for Joints (they go great with his hits)
K is for King, his alternative name
L is for Loss of a Legend, a shame
M is for Musical Marvel, it's said
N is for Never did go to his head
O is for Sinead O' and Sign O' the Times
P is for Party like it's '99
Q is for Questions (and many remain)
R is for Rain clouds that shed purple Rain
S is for Songs (he wrote hundreds of them)
T is for Tapes (I owned upwards of Ten)
U is for "Uptown," that made him a star
V is for Vegas, where he opened a bar
W is for Women, he had quite a stable
X is for Ix-Nay he gave to his label
Y is for Y die at just 57?
Z is for Zany forever in heaven.

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