Thursday, March 3, 2016

I Woke Up Like This

January 2016 Allure Magazine cover model/actress/niece of Erin Brockovich Emma Roberts has one simple wish in life:  "I want to show up to work and not care what I look like." (See Fig. 1).

Besides good eyebrow game, this is one thing Emma and I share in common. However, I think I'm probably a wee bit closer to achieving this goal than Emma, mostly because in addition to being 13 years older than her and lacking her amazing genes/jeans, my job isn't literally to look good. 

I mean, that's PART of my job of course. I can't just show up to my lawyer gig in the Dr. Brennan's Braces Basketball Team Warwick Rhode Island orange thrift store T-shirt and men's surgical scrubs that I've worn to bed every night since 1997. I have to make some effort, but not quite as much as a professional actress who poses for the cover of a women's fashion magazine.

What I can't tell from the cover of this magazine though is whether the Allure photo shoot was one of the jobs Emma showed up for that made her resent having to look good, or whether it was a job she was actually happy to do because she just woke up like this.

Either way, if Emma wants to show up to work and not care what she looks like, I think she might be in the wrong profession. It's pretty much the #1 job requirement of an actress and fashion magazine cover model to show up to work and care what you look like.

But like I said, Emma is young and she can easily change career paths. Emma, if you're reading this, please consider quitting show biz. That way, you can wake up looking like me! (See Fig. 2).

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

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