Saturday, February 27, 2016

Could This Guy Be Any Cooler?

I'm just asking, but I'm pretty sure I know the answer already, and I'm pretty sure it's no. The guy is a model for Burton snowboards, so 'nuff said. 

Also the hair and beard. It's like he just woke up in a modeling studio and someone spent a lot of time making it look like he woke up in a tent. Like, a lot of time.

He has great teeth, which he needs to have lest he be mistaken for a homeless man. Because in conjunction with those pearly whites, the stain on that Burton T shirt says "I'm tent homeless on purpose for a weekend, not real homeless by accident forever."

The way he's screaming near a bonfire says "I listen to bands you've never heard of and I can also build a fire. In a puffy vest with white guy quasi-dreads."

The only thing that could make this guy any cooler would be if you went on a date with him and he sent you a handjob emoji trifecta afterwards. I just invented this (I think) but I know it's gonna be YOOGE:

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