Monday, November 16, 2015

Decisive 'Murican Action in The Wake of ISIS Attacks in Paris: Re-Re-Naming French Stuff?

Ever since France's opposition to the Iraq war, 'Murica has been super down on France, even renaming "French Fries" "Freedom Fries" in the House of Representatives' cafeteria back in 2003, and pouring a bunch of French wine into the sewer.

Basically, it's been twelve long years of 'Murica hating on the French. Well, ever since Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris, suddenly 'Murica is back on France's side again. 

So in addition to re-re-naming Freedom Fries, I think it's high time that our representatives in Congress from the heart of 'Murica now admit that a few other things should now officially be re-re-named, and take decisive action to re-re-name the following:

Freedom French Dressing

Freedom French Kissing

Frieda Frenchie from the Musical Grease

Freedom French Onion Soup

Freedom French Bulldog

Freedom French Toast

Freedom's French's Mustard

Freedom French Corners

Freedom French Doors

Sexy Freedom French Maid Costume

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  1. Those are called hospital corners, and you know it.


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