Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Planned Parenthood: A Limerick

There once were some men in D.C.
Elected by you and by me
Who had nary a care
For the health under where
Our lady parts happen to be.

Their mission is really quite plain:
Stop women from using their brains
To prevent STDs
And to plan families
For a stump speech in their next campaign.

Their motives are rather insidious
And their smug old man faces look hideous
Telling girls to drop dead
So that they get ahead
In a poll, hoping we stay oblivious.

They’re serving the public a portion
Of dangerous myths on abortion
And the truth is behind
All the lies they’ve designed
It defies logic out of proportion.

This tactic is old as the nation:
Congress acting like they’re the salvation
Of women worldwide
When the fact is they hide
In misogyny’s latest creation.

But women have had quite enough
It really should not be this tough
In 2015
To obtain a vaccine
So we don’t get preventable stuff.

It’s probably worthwhile to mention
That women are paying attention
And they’re not gonna stand
For a man with his hand
In their sexual health and prevention.

Congress should really take note
And beware all the smears they promote
Because women are pissed
And the chance won’t be missed
To fire them all with our vote.


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