Wednesday, July 1, 2015

When KKK Members Text

OMG! Almost forgot. Can u grab ghost hat from clnrs?

Ugh. So hot under this robe!

Srsly psyched 4 white pride next mo! What ru wearing?

Did u call Imperial Wizard yet?

Can u pls. share Grand Dragon’s contact info?

What ru doing after race riot ltr?

Sale @ Home Depot! Need 2 gt lmbr & gas. Wanna build/burn some X’s?

Can u pls. pick up mayo-mayo salad 4 Grand Titan's bday?

Can't give u ride to march. Sry. Rig in shop getting confed. flag airbrushed on hood!

Ur eyes look gorg thru those holes. Let's get drunk & arrested ltr!

SC soooo lame & "diverse" now. Can't wait 2 go back to MS.

Have joke 4U: 1Jew, 1gay, 1Cathlc. & 1black walk in2 bar. U know punchline?

White Knight called fr. jail. Wants u 2 bring cigs @nxt visit.

Sry. Running late. Had 2 iron like 6 badges.

On plane. Pilot black. What should I do?

Did u know polio vax invented by Jew?! No polio vax 4 MY kids!

Dude. This speech from Dragon so zzzzzz. Tired of wrds. Ready 4 action!

This parade rox! Love 2 h8 and kill ppl!

Growing sweet Hitler 'stache. Will show u ltr when I take off hood.

OMG! Ted Nugent tix go on sale tmrw!


  1. I'm sorry, but I think your syntax was too clear, thus not quite authentic...


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