Saturday, July 25, 2015

Shit That Seriously Just Needs to Stop

1. The following things in an airport waiting area: airplane disasters on TV; cats and yappy lap dogs; McDonalds in the hands of an entire junior high school basketball team; someone hacking up a lung and leaving tissues at their feet; anonymous farting; toddler eating a candy bar and drinking a soda.

2. Parents who treat their 7 year-old's soccer game like it's the fucking FIFA World Cup.

3. White people who keep saying #AllLivesMatter.

4. People getting shot every other day at school, work, church, grocery stores, movies, the gym, and basically any place that isn't actually a designated war zone.

5. Rich dudes getting away with rape on the daily.

6. Passive aggression in social interactions. What ever happened to active aggression? C'mon people--be direct! It's active aggression or nothing.

7. Parents treating their kid like their kid is never ever wrong and is the next Albert Einstein.

8. Media-manufactured "wars" and "feuds" between successful women that are transparently engineered and calculated to bring women down.

9. Pollen in my face.

10. Adam Levine and Maroon 5 in my ears and eyeballs.

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