Monday, July 27, 2015

Elisabeth Hasselbeck HAS to Be Huffing Peroxide Fumes

That's the only possible explanation for this cray cray woman's take on the arrest and subsequent death in police custody of Sandra Bland. According to Elisabeth Hasselwhatthefuck, Sandra Bland basically got what was coming to her because DUH, she could in theory have used her cigarette as a weapon against the officer who arrested her for changing lanes, as SURELY that must have happened at least once "in the history of this land."

Uh huh. Ok, whatever you say. Here are a list of things in this picture alone that you could have used as a weapon in the same situation:

1. That necklace
2. Your rock-hard skull
3. Your eyeliner pencil
4. The acidic peroxide on your head that is clearly affecting your ability to think with an IQ higher than that of a protozoa.

But of course you'd be very unlikely to end up in a situation like what happened to Sandra Bland, because shit like that doesn't generally happen to people like you "in the history of this land."

I mean, really!? I actually don't think there has ever been a stupider comment made on TV "in the history of this land," and that's really saying something. Stupid is as stupid does, and stupid just doesn't get any stupider than this. 

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a.k.a. Dimwit Von Numbskull: bringing shame on white people everywhere, one stupid ass comment at a time.

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