Friday, July 17, 2015

A 747 Got Hit by a "Laser" in American Airspace and Seriously That's All You Need to Know

Important details appear to be missing from the following AP article, the complete, 100% text of which is reprinted here in screen-shot form, with zero promises of updates or caveats that this is a "developing story":

Ok. So . . .

Here's what we know:

1. The number of people on this plane.
2. The ratio of crew to passengers.
3. What time the plane landed.
4. Where it took off from and where it landed.
5. The name of the airline spokesperson.
6. That the airline spokesperson doesn't know jack shit.
7. The name of the airline.
8. That everyone is OK.

Here's what we don't know:

1. What the fuck is a "laser strike?"
2. How did the crew know there had been one?
3. Are we living in a country/world where "lasers" are just out there "striking" planes?
4. What kind of "laser" was it?
5. What exactly the fuck IS a laser, even?
6. How would anyone in the cockpit be "affected" by a laser?
7. Who is out there just firing off lasers at airplanes?
8. Why is no one in authority getting on this obviously troubling hazard?

I mean, I didn't go to journalism school, but the "who, what, where, when, why, and how" are conspicuously absent from this piece. Pulitzer Prize winning reporting this is not.

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