Monday, May 11, 2015

If The People in These 10 Renaissance Paintings Tweeted in 2015

@parrotlover: Ugh. Can u believe this nip-slip? #embarassed.

Image result for renaissance paintings

@crazyclubber: Good times with my side-piece at the co-ed naked intramural spiked-bat softball game! Next stop, all-Rome tourney! #gettinmesome.

@decapitatrix: I said I'd have his head on a platter and I meant it. Take that St. John the Baptist! #ishowedabitch.

@decapitatrix: Stupid caterers forgot the braised lamb shank for the beheading. #imasmackabitch.

@renassiancemama: OMG. So tired and so totes over my seven millionth baby right now. #needawetnurse.

@uglyduchess: Totally getting my $ back for this portrait. Quinten Massys did me WRONG. #imacutabitch.

@booknerd: Effed my neck in horse wreck yesterday but doc says will be OK. Reading up on some PT exercises for ruptured disc. #ow.

@dancingfairy: Had best time EVER at Coachella! These guys opened for Arcade Fire. #goodtimes.

@dancingfairy: OMG best nite out EVER with my girls! Here we r gettin' freaky to All the Single Ladies. #putaringonit.

@lutecute: Just keepin' it real, jammin out on my lute again. #iheartlutes

I was inspired to write this post by this list on Buzzfeed, "Day in the Life of an Ugly Renaissance Baby," which is completely awesome.

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