Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Two Pics That Made My Day

Here are two pictures that really made my day yesterday. Both of them popped up in my Facebook news feed, and both gave me a good laugh for a full ten minutes. This was the first one:

Someone in a Juneau buy/sell/trade group was trying to figure out what to do when your iPhone says it's disabled and you should "try again in 23,662,478 minutes." This is 16,432 days, which is 45 (forty-five) years. I don't know the age of the person who posted this, but assuming she is, say, 35, she'll only be 80 before her iPhone is working again. What she's supposed to do in the intervening 45 years is anyone's guess. Thanks Crapple!

The second picture that made my day was this:

At long last, Facebook has stopped trying to sell me K.Y. Jelly, and has moved on to trying to sell me a "flawless day" brought to me by a pair of granny panties that looks like a stripped down adult diaper. What, exactly, constitutes a "flawless day" in these panties, I wonder? Probably it's a day when you don't accidentally piss or shit into them, the "girls" let you into their mahjong game, and there's mashed up chicken cacciatore for dinner in the assisted living facility.

I guess Bali Intimates knows that I talk about my old wrinkly ass and granny panties in like every other blog post. So the Google elves were like, we are dealing with an old lady who lives in a nursing home. Let's try to sell her (or the younger people in her family who are on Facebook) a bunch of "intimates!" 

My favorite thing about this pic is the way the bra and granny panties are laid out so realistically, with two inches of space between tits and stomach. Nice work, Bali Intimates. 


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