Thursday, March 12, 2015

This Can't Be Missed!

I really wish this poster said when exactly this seminar was coming to Juneau, because this seriously looks like the best party ever.

It looks like Pope Francis and Vladimir Putin are going to be setting off fireworks while Barack Obama scouts the crowd to see if anyone plans to stop them. In Juneau of all places! The security detail for this must be epic. I wonder if they're planning to put the entire Secret Service on the fast ferry?

As someone who actually experienced 9/11 firsthand and watched people die with my own eyes in the city I grew up in, I really look forward to an explanation. Because according to this seminar, 9/11 is actually just part of the end times. What a relief! I thought I'd never find closure.

And these guys have all the answers, because if you read all the way to the bottom, you will see that they are going to explain why God has allowed all of the world's conflicts!

Also, I never miss a chance to spend time talking about the "Antichrist Beast." And anything that combines the Antichrist Beast with a discussion of Islam AND Israel is my kind of academic experience. 

Triple whammy jackpot!

Seriously, who wants to go with me? Maybe they're offering a special 2-for-1? The friend who sent this to me told me they have free (!) childcare.

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