Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ten Burning Questions for Cute Dude at The Post Office Store

By popular demand, I am officially laying down the gauntlet for CDATPOS. 

CDATPOS and I have still had no direct contact beyond my bi-weekly five-seconds-long secret cougar pining and subsequent open letter with post-script. So now it is time to see what CDATPOS is truly made of.

Within 24 hours I expect answers to these ten questions. If and when I get them, I will re-post here:

1. How has your life changed in the 48 hours since becoming CDATPOS?

2. How if at all do you plan to leverage your new-found fame?

3. Do you think the producers of Cougartown will come calling, and what will you say if they do?

4. What awesome, loud music are you listening to and singing along to right now?

5. Do you think you will name your first born a first-name/last-name so that he or she will be guaranteed to be as cool as his/her father, and if so, what will it be?

6. Have you ever really encountered (in an intimate setting) a nipple chewed upon by babies?

7. How long do you plan to go by CDATPOS on social media?

8. What will you say to One Hot Mess the next time she goes into The Post Office Store?

9. What will be your next tattoo? (Answer: "One Hot Mess").

10. Do you plan to take One Hot Mess up on her challenge to (1) legally change your name to CDATPOS and/or (2) get the words "One Hot Mess" tattooed somewhere on your body?

The clock is ticking, CDATPOS. Tick, tock ...


  1. It's been an hour...I have the Jeopardy theme song running in my head. Dear CDATPOS, sing along to that one :)

  2. isn't this kinda crossing the creep/stalker line?

  3. Nah Rob, you gotta go the distance for the laughs in this biz.

    1. You're the boss! This is melancholy I enjoy.

  4. Your move, OHM.



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