Tuesday, March 10, 2015

O.H.M. Exclusive Photo Special: Dinner with Cute Dude at The Post Office Store

O.H.M. is pleased to announce the culmination of the long-awaited DINNER WITH CDATPOS, as told in pictures, each of which is worth 1,000 words.

Accordingly, this post is worth exactly 14,000 words, not including captions. Suffice it to say, dinner with CDATPOS ruled!

1. OMG you guys! Outlook says I only have 10 minutes until I go home to get ready for the long-awaited DINNER WITH CDATPOS!

2. CDATPOS's super cool sneakers. Maybe/definitely the coolest fucking sneakers ever to grace our entryway.

3.  Totally adorable thirteen (13!) years my junior CDATPOS and his awesome tats cooking a delicious meal chez O.H.M. (Thirteen years. OMG. FML!)

4. CDATPOS being totally charming and entertaining the fam in the O.H.M. kitchen.

5. CDATPOS at work while Isaac looks on.

6. Delicious Brussels sprouts. I am obsessed with Brussels sprouts. They are like awesome baby cabbages. Why did I used to hate these as a kid?

7. Isaac leaning on CDATPOS's super cool badass speaker system. Dinner with CDATPOS is strictly BYOSS (Bring Your Own Speaker System).

8. Marinated pork tenderloin with handmade garlic pesto and some tomato onion thing that was crazy delicious. Top Chef material, peeps.

9. CDATPOS and Geoff Kirsch chatting it up in the O.H.M. kitchen.

10. Super juicy CDATPOS completed plate. Duly impressed!

11. Isaac gargling due to slightly high spice factor for 4-year old. But they rallied. O.H.M. don't raise no chicken nugget kids!

12. Chilling in the Cougar Den. Oops, I mean house.

13.  CDATPOS and O.H.M. Selfie.

14. Super amazing artwork/tat designs prepared by esteemed Alaskan artist Averyl Veliz. 

CDATPOS: I think any of these would make for a great temporary tattoo. Permanent ink to commemorate your town-wide crowning as CDATPOS is possibly ill-advised on any number of levels, and because I am practically a legit old lady, I know how every bad decision is like a stone in life's pond. (Trust me: My bad decisions have been rippling since algebra was a mere twinkling on your SAT). You can take that pearl of wisdom for what it's worth. If you get these made up into temp tats, however, I know many residents of Cougar Town who would readily sport one until it came off while bathing children and doing dishes.

Meanwhile, these tat designs are the mere tip of the iceberg of Averyl's incredible work, more of which can be found here: 

http://averylveliz.blogspot.com. She's a seriously amazing artist. Go check her out!

On a scale of 1-10, I will have to give family dinner with CDATPOS a resounding 12.


  1. Thank God he didn't try to slip in a course of cat chow! His mother would have been horrified. Might work for a cougar in Manila but not for cosmopolitan Juneau.

    Conor is one of my favorite people (and now probably one of yours) but BTW, you should see his brother!


    1. That's what I hear! Yes all of Juneau town is in cougar love with Conor. He is def my fave new friend find of 2015!!


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