Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Hilariously Disturbing and Confusing Product

A friend of mine who lives in the Philippines discovered this, and naturally did what we all do in 2015. She took a picture and posted it on Facebook:

And also naturally, I immediately deemed this blog worthy. I have just three words for this product: What. The. FUCK?! 

Since when is a "feminine wash" enhanced by a "whitening" property? I don't even understand what part of the female anatomy is supposed to be "whitened." And they say "whitening" AGAIN in the little checklist at the bottom, compounding the mystery ever further.

But no matter. It smells like a daisy flower and is paraben-free! And readers, I challenge you to find a woman alive on God's Green Earth who wouldn't do whatever it takes to make her vagina look and smell like a paraben-free, double-white daisy flower.

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