Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl 2015: Were You Paying Attention?

Were you paying attention during this year's Super Bowl? Take this quiz and find out!

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger is starring in:

(a) A Cialis commercial.
(b) An ad for the Koch Bros. Super PAC.
(c) His nursing home's production of The Music Man.
(d) A PSA for prostrate screening.
(e) A remake of "Terminator."

2. The MVP of The Super Bowl was:

(a) Tom Brady's chin dimple.
(b) Tom Brady's stubble.
(c) Tom Brady's deflated balls.
(d) Tom Brady's hair.
(e) Tom Brady's money.

3. Something flew over the field at the beginning of the game. It was:

(a) A Snoopy balloon.
(b) Aliens from another galaxy.
(c) An eagle with a salmon in its beak.
(d) A toxic cloud of nerve gas that made everyone even stupider.
(e) Air Force fighter jets paid for with your tax dollars.

4. Someone with boobs performed at half time. Who was it?

(a) Katy Perry
(b) Beyoncé
(c) Britney Spears
(d) Alicia Keyes
(e) Paul McCartney

5. Pepsi spent enough money on The Super Bowl to:

(a) Send an entire inner city high school to Harvard.
(b) Build 100 wells in Africa.
(c) Open ten homeless shelters.
(d) Pay for a new pediatric cancer ward at Johns Hopkins.
(e) Set a bunch of fireworks off near Katy Perry's vagina.

6. The thing we should care about most when it comes to the Super Bowl is:

(a) An ad for underpants.
(b) An ad for Snickers.
(c) An ad for soap.
(d) An ad for Doritos.
(e) An ad for anything.

Until next year, 'Merica!

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