Monday, December 15, 2014

The Script of a Fight that Actually Happened

Here is the verbatim transcript of a fight that actually happened, and it's merely illustrative of the type of fight Paige and I have at least once a day. (Yeah, yeah, I know I'm the adult):

Paige: When are we going to New York?
Me: Thursday.
Paige: No we're not.
Me: Yes we are.
Paige: No we're not.
Me: Yes we are.
Paige: No we're not.
Me: Well you're getting left behind then because the rest of us are leaving Thursday.
Paige: No you're not.
Me: When are we going then?
Paige: Friday. 
Me: Why did you ask me if you already know the answer?
Paige: Because I wanted to make sure.
Me: We're going Thursday, I promise.
Paige: No we're not.
Me: OH MY GOD! Fine! We're not.
Paige: Yes we are.

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  1. You're coming to NY?? (no you're not. yes you are.) Tell me your dates, I'd super love to see you. I'm in Cali from Dec. 23-28, but afterwards? xx


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