Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Quotable Quotes from Parents and In-Laws

Winter is the season for visiting with family and friends. For many adults with children, winter means visits to and from grandparents. Since I know for a fact that my parents and in-laws will read this, let me preface by disclaiming (in all seriousness) my genuine love and gratitude for them, and all they do for us and our kids. They are total troupers about visiting Alaska and I do not take their help and vibrancy for granted for a single minute! With that honest disclaimer, I thought it fitting to post some quotable quotes from parents and in-laws, all four of whom have, at one point or another, said the following. For ease of reference, I'm breaking this down by category:


"Wow, this house is filthy!"
"You need a new dishwasher/refrigerator/washing machine."
"How do you work this coffee maker/toaster/dishwasher/salt-shaker?"
"This is broken."
"Is there a decent book around here?"
"There's nothing to eat around here. We're making a list and going to Fred Meyer now."


"Wow, you pay that much for cable and internet!?"
"Can you print something for me? It's only a hundred pages or so."
"What's the wifi password?"
"How do you work this thing?"

"I don't know what happened. It just went away."
"Where the hell did I put my iPad?"
"Don't you have a phone book?"


"Wow, this car is filthy!"
"This car needs a brake job/new tires/an oil change/gas."
"Where are the headlights/windshield wipers/cruise control on this car?"
"What kind of gas mileage does this car get?"
"How many miles are on this car? Wow, that's a lot."
"Did you realize your windshield is cracked?"


"Wow, these kids are filthy!"
"You're going to let them go outside like that?!"
"She needs speech therapy/psychotherapy for anxiety."
"He/she eats too much/little."'
"They need baths."
"What does his/her teacher say about that?"
"Doesn't that concern you?"
"It's just a little something--it's not a big present, I promise."
"I've been thinking they really need more clothes/toys/stuff."


"Wow, isn't that kind of expensive?"
"Are you saving for retirement?"
"Are you saving for the kids' college?"
"Let me talk to you about money."
"Are you sure you're not getting fleeced on that?"
"When are you due for a raise/promotion at work?"


"Wow, this house is freezing!"
"It's freezing outside."
"How can there be this much snow?"
"How can you handle this much rain?"
"My phone says the sun might come out a week from now."
"What happened to my boots/jacket/long underwear/slippers?"

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