Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Haute Couture

Whoever is managing Facebook's ad algorithm is under the mistaken impression that I'm susceptible to buying Gucci's "sleek silver Horsebit loafers along with a beautifully embellished cashmere sweater" for Christmas this year (See photo, below). To the extent I was ever worried about online privacy, those worries are now fully allayed. Apparently, Facebook's advertising gnomes don't realize that I wear X-tra Tuff rain boots with duct tape on them to work every day. (See photo, also below). 

Are you listening Mark Zuckerberg? Consider this a complementary one-woman focus group: You'll have much better luck advertising in Juneau for full-body spandex (instantly elevates any type of outdoor recreation to Olympic-level legit!); wool headbands with giant buttons on them; down skirts; Aurora Projekt hoodies; Dansko clogs; Ergo baby carriers; and--a nearly criminal variation on the Dansko clog--the "Mansko"--which is a man wearing Dankso clogs. FOR SHAME, men of Juneau. For shame ...

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