Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Dope Threads

Take ten seconds to soak in the garment I am modeling below and then answer the following multiple choice question (but don't cheat by looking at the second picture). This pimped-out yellow outfit is: (a) specialized gear issued by the CDC to protect against Ebola infection; (b) new military-grade astro-tech wear for NASA's first manned mission to Mars; (c) a sample from a designer trunk show during Paris Fashion Week; (d) a surplus oompa-loompa costume from last year's high school production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; or (e) the Selk Bag (tm) sleeping bag suit.

If you guessed (e), congratulations! You win. This synthetic fill (I'm allergic to down of course) sleeping bag is rated to -30 degrees Farenheit and has arms, legs, and a hood for easy chillin' on a cold winter's night. Personally, I never go anywhere outdoors in AK without this badass overnight gear. The only problem is stairs, which I would caution against while ensconced in the Selk cocoon. As I discovered the hard way, walking downstairs while wearing the Selk Bag two weeks after ACL surgery is ill-advised. Other than that, it's completely awesome and you know it!

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  1. I choose (f): You're auditioning for a part in an upcoming live action South Park stage show.


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