Friday, October 10, 2014

It's Those Little Things

Certain things give me a disproportionate amount of joy, and I sometimes wonder what this says about me. For example: the other night I realized a new season of Key & Peele had just started. The level of serotonin my brain released at this realization was not, I think, necessarily proportionate to the event, welcome as it was. Nor was the elation I felt upon eating three consecutive pieces of chocolate cake while watching that season's first two episodes necessarily commensurate with the activity, either. Similarly, I derive enormous joy from the following: discovering a stray $20 bill in my jeans pocket; happening upon a choice parking spot in downtown Juneau after a blizzard during legislative session; and feeling the caffeine in my first sip of coffee resuscitate me from a blacked-out coma each morning. 

All of this probably says one of two things about me, both of which are not necessarily mutually exclusive: either (1) I'm so grounded and centered that I can find great happiness in life's small pleasures; or (2) the rest of my adult recreational life is so banal that a good parking spot and a cup of coffee feels like a day at Six Flags Great Adventure. I think I'm at a point in my life where I'm not striving very hard to be grounded and centered anymore, if there ever even was such a time. I'm pretty much totally OK with orbiting off into the next galaxy. Which means that finding coffee and a good parking spot exciting is probably fine. While we're on the topic of those little things in life, I'm fascinated by the toy pictured below. I want to meet the toy maker who looked at the prototype for this and said: "We just created a mini bubble blower that blatantly resembles an orange penis head with cartoon dinosaurs on it. Call the factory and start approving overtime, because this toy is gonna pop off huge (no pun intended) this holiday season." It's all of these little things in life that consume an enormous amount of my mental energy and stop me from reaching my full potential. If it weren't for Key & Peele and orange penis head bubble blowers, I'd have won the Nobel Prize by now.

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